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The i Like Book
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  • Creating Authentic Communication with Loved Ones
  • Titles for Those of All Ages!
  • Bring value to your relationship with yourself, children or significant other.


The i Like Books

“Johnny, don’t do that.” Sarah, where’s that homework?” As parents, part of our job is to nag, nudge, and reprimand. But another crucal component of our love is to tell our kids, often and creatively, just exactly how amazing, talented and special they are. Today, Twin Cities and the i Like Book
are teaming up to bring you a truly unique way to provide positive affirmations that build up your children’s self-confidence and show them how much you LIKE them. And speaking of values – how about a $25 value for just $12 including shipping!

The i like book is the newest and best way to really connect with your children. Through positive affirmations you write down daily, your kids can see themselves through your eyes, learning what you love and value and how precious they are to you. It’s a perfect way to extend authentic communication between parent and child – at any age! The I like book for kids is a day-by-day, month-by-month structured journal filled with quotes, stories, images, fun facts, stories, places for doodles and pictures too. Start now and build your child up one LIKE at a time and see how it positively affects their attitude, self-confidence and responsiveness to you!

Kids Book - Rave Reviews:

“We give our kids so much, but this book reminds me everyday to tell my little guy something I LIKE about him. These books are wonderful. I tell all the moms I know about them!” ~ Angela

“I jot something down in my child’s “i like” book every day or as often as I can. This is an incredible and easy concept that really impacts my child’s life. I can see this coming in VERY hand when he becomes a teenager.” ~ Sarah

Couples Book – Rave Review:

“Just wanted to share that after trying the i like books I now purchase them for newly engaged couples during their pre-marriage counseling that I do. Great idea!” ~ Melissa

Women’s Book – Rave Review:

“I absolutely love my like book for women! The graphics in the book are so beautiful and the quality is superb! How refreshing to have a special book and I can escape to that makes me feel so at peace and gives me the positive encouragement I need to be the best I can be. I can’t wait to write something new that I like about myself or my life tomorrow.” ~ Annette


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